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im robin gibb and im a god from the high heavens of disco

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"If a guy puts a flat iron on his dick will he die?"
— My 8 year old sister asking the important questions in life
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"Why do parents spank their kids? Are they posing for Playboy or something?"
— My 8 year old sister
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now its time for fucked up quotes my sister says stay tuned

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Anonymous said: im fucking bored so heres a joke, what do you call thor when he is drunk?


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Anonymous said: SUCK MY ASS

is this my grandma

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Anonymous said: i just came here to have a good time and im honeslty feeling so attacked right now


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just fucking around with my camera, it’s my room

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Today on my blog, Nightfeverking, I go into more depth about the art of Shironuri and talk about one of my fashion icons Minori. Have a look!

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Scanned from: A Complete Guide To Special Effects Makeup

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Anonymous said: are there any good steampunk blogs that i can follow? ~rose

There’s quite a few good ones around here.

One of my favorite blogs,, covers steampunk here and there and things similar to it.

^this a wonderful guide for fashion inspirations

Blogs on tumblr:
steampunkgirls (and there’s a gentlemen one)

Ill also add that pinterest is a great website for looking up steampunk.

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Anonymous said: Wanna start a band?

Do fish swim??

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